News Update - September 2018 - We are One this Month!

As TOAD approaches its first birthday, we would like to say a big thank you to all of you who have helped, supported and encouraged us as we work towards our draft Neighbourhood Plan.

Here is the latest news on progress ...

1) Forthcoming Household Questionnaire

An envelope with a 28 question survey will be hand delivered to every household in the parish the second half of October. Please complete it to have your say on future development. Everyone’s opinion matters!

WE NEED VOLUNTEERS to help with hand delivery and collection of the questionnaires. We have 1000 homes to reach out to, and we need volunteers who will offer to do 10 houses each please. If you can help please send your contact details stating where in the parish you live to Judy Goodman at e-mail This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

2) From the Environment Group

Vistas' Survey - Please send us your photos! Many thanks to all those who have completed the survey and sent photos. Please keep them coming. You have until the end of September to let us know about your favourite vistas. To take part click here and follow the simple steps - it's easy!

3) From the Economy Group

Businesses Survey - Many thanks to those businesses who are responding to the economy group questionnaire which is currently being circulated, and for your helpful responses and encouragement. The closing date for returns is 17th September which is next Monday. So you only have a few days - please send it now if you haven't already.

4) From the Transport Group

Volunteers wanted for the ROADS campaign!

You have told us of your concerns regarding traffic volumes and speeds through the Parish, and especially through Ombersley. Whilst the Neighbourhood Plan can make recommendations regarding new traffic management around forthcoming developments, it cannot influence sufficiently all your expressed concerns.

We are, therefore, seeking expressions of interest from you regarding the formation of a separate lobby group, currently called ‘’ROADS’’ (Reducing Ombersley and Doverdale speeding!) to look at your concerns and to liaise with the County Council. This may be in combination with other local parishes who have equal concerns. 16 of you have already responded to an e-mail about this, but we are looking for more volunteers and a group lead before a meeting is called to drive (pardon the pun!) this forward.

5) From the Social Group

Thanks to local services for helping us with your opinions regarding future development.

Next public meeting

We plan to have our next public meeting, probably in early January, to tell you what you have said in your questionnaire responses and to show you the work of the various groups. We will send out details later.

Sue CollierAnd lastly ...

Last month I mentioned about Wychavon's call for sites. Apparently they had a tremendous response from their recent call for development sites. These are being logged and those in our parish, (we already know of some of these) will be shared with us in early November. We will then decide whether the sites identified are sufficient and whether we need to do our own ‘call for sites.’ The sites will then undergo assessment by an independent assessor for suitability and recommendations before being shared with you as a community for your opinions.

With kind regards

Sue Collier
Ombersley & Doverdale Parish Council

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Calling all Volunteers

If you feel that you would like to help, we need volunteers. The Parish Council cannot do this by themselves.  We need help with planning, communications, secretarial support, data analysis, IT and graphic design, and we will need help for manning drop-ins, coffee mornings, leaflet posting, photography and so on.

Everyone welcome!

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